Our Journey

Founded by Rahul Bhatia and Govind Agarwal in the year 2018, RV online aspires to be the front runner in the e-sports revolution taking place in India.

At its core is its flagship company, Poker Magnet which is undoubtedly a Next Gen Poker platform and is one of the fastest growing Poker Companies in the country.

Soon to launch is Fantasy Magnet, which will be catering to the growing demand for fantasy sports in India with its offerings in fantasy football and cricket. It will be the first platform in India to offer a fantasy module for Politics.

RV Online Gaming is on a mission to bring E-sports into every household of India. User experience and design is at the forefront of all its decisions.

The team at RV Online Gaming is a great mix of game fanatics, project incubators and design craftsmen. At its cozy office space cum studio in Gurgaon, Ideas come to life and inspiration is the way of life.

Rahul Bhatia

Rahul Bhatia

Managing Director | Risk Taker | Sportsman | Seasoned corporate guy

Entrepreneurship, like poker, is a high-risk game. Whether you're gearing up for a big pitch meeting or leaving your 9-to-5 job to pursue your dream business, it's a leap – often, a very scary one. That special blend of excitement and anxiety entrepreneurs know so well and Rahul is no stranger to these emotions. He casually dabbled with the sport of Poker on his business trips to Europe and America and gradually progressed to become a seasoned player. After many years of cutting his teeth in the corporate world and navigating his way around the cut throat world of Garment exports, Rahul finally found his calling and he took the leap to start RV Gaming online to introduce online poker to the Indian market.

He considers Poker nothing less than a sport, one which tests your resilience, perseverance and risk taking ability. Players before profits is his guiding principle.

Govind Aggarwal

Govind Agarwal

Director | Seasoned Entrepreneur | Poker Evangelist | Collaborator

Govind is an executive director at Digitek group, a conglomerate in Nepal with diversified business interests including remittance, communication, transportation, investment and services. From the past 14 years, Digitek has also been a dominant entity in the telecom sector as KGR enterprises in India and as the authorized Ncell distributor in Nepal.

Beyond his many business engagements, Govind holds a special space in his life for the game of Poker. He learnt to play poker on one of his business trips to India and has slowly progressed from an onlooker to a veteran of the game. After proving his mettle at multiple Poker tournaments around the world, he went on to co-create Poker Magnet, a superior Poker playing platform in India. He would love to see Poker become a household sport in India and is geared up to play his modest role in this mission.

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Our Journey By Far

We have learned through trial & error, we are passionate about design with years of experience and are obsessed with delivering positive user experience to all our users with state of the art tools and technology.

Listening to our users is of utmost importance, as that sets the tone for developing that amazing relationship with them. Iterating quickly has been in the forefront to make sure the user feels cared for.

To build a great product one needs to have a stellar team. Great hires impact virtually every facet of one’s organization, from values and culture to the ability to adapt and innovate and persevere over a period of time.

When one hire the right people they generate returns that significantly exceed the costs of their employment hence making the company profitable. So at RV Online by hiring exceptional people we adhere religiously to practices that dramatically increase profitability.

We at RV believe in breaking down the long term goals into smaller chunks so that those goals feel & become easier to achieve. By trying and making sure that our small achievements are celebrated every now & then, we give ourselves a pat on the back for getting that far, even if the long term goal is still a fair bit away. Since we are passionate about what we do, those long term goals seem much more achievable and manageable.

At RV we live by that phrase, the truth is that it’s the motivation and approach to life here at RV that inspires everyone to push their limits at work and hence our people are able to excel in multiple areas, be it work, their social lives or their relationships & friendships.